Education & Training

Maximizing your software investments.

We educate you to get the most from your retail solution. Education is vital to the successful implementation of any software implementation. Working within the parameters of your corporate goals, we develop a customized training approach to educate users and demonstrate how the solutions will benefit your specific organization. Our education programs effectively combine structured learning experiences to real world business challenges.

Working with each individual client’s unique business requirements, we deliver an education approach to match, with a professional, industry knowledge-based edge. Our local, on the ground resellers provide exceptional end-user training including:

Classroom Training

Structured training programs are offered on a predefined schedule, on specific operational areas for different levels of management, including casual or key users. Each specialized course outlines concepts and provides hands on experience required for successful use of the system.


Designed to offer a flexible and cost-effective way to train your employees, these sessions are offered on-line so there is no expensive travel or extended time away from the office. Requirements are simple; a phone line, a Web Browser, an Internet connection, and 2 hours dedicated to learning.

On-Site Education

We bring the training to you. With On-Site Training our professional instructors can bring their proven curriculum to you. Classes are taught at your location and are useful when an off-site course dates do not coincide with your schedule, when a large group is being trained, or when you wish to maintain confidentiality on sensitive issues. On-Site Training also permits customer specific knowledge transfer. We can tailor our instruction to meet the specific needs of your environment. You’ll save time and money by having training done on-site.

Distance Learning

eLearning, customized for your users. Distance learning offers the best of both worlds with a one-on-one approach, web-based, and in the comforts of your own office. Maximize your education investment while minimizing travel costs.